BodyTalk is an energy treatment that uses unique body feedback through muscle testing to find blockages in the body which compromise the inborn healing ability of the body and eventually lead to distorted wellbeing, illness and disease. This comprehensive and effective holistic therapy uses non-invasive application to allow the body’s energy systems to synchronize and communicate as intended by nature. This stimulation brings the body back into balance and will lead to healing on physical, mental, spiritual and psychological levels. Among others, BodyTalk can help with the following symptoms:
  • Allergies and infections
  • Stress and chronic fatigue
  • Depression and emotional disorders
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Digestive problems and detoxification
  • Anxiety and fears
  • Past traumas and phobias
  • Muscle discomfort and fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis and rheumatism
  • Hormonal and reproductive problems
  • Skeletal and joint pain
  • Learning difficulties
Body Talk will support:
  • Sports perfomance
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Family Dynamics
  • Office and working space dynamics
  • Pre-natal care
  • Recovery after injury or surgery
  • Plants, animals and pets
BodyTalks comprehensive application encompasses:
  • Western Medical Expertise
  • The Wisdom of Advanced Yoga
  • The Knowledge of Modern Mystics and Ancient
  • Philosophy
  • The Energy Dynamics of Acupuncture
  • The Principles of Osteopathy and Chiropractic
  • The Clinical Findings of Applied Kinesiology
During a BodyTalk session the practitioner uses muscle testing and a series of yes/no questions to locate imbalances and areas that are not communicating properly in the body. After imbalances are located the information is processed via the brain and heart to get the body into a healing mode. During the following 24 hours all body systems will support healing processes with shift and changes so communication between all parts of the body is possible, yet again. BodyTalk is a healing modality that can be enjoyed by everybody, babies and seniors alike. Animals, pets and plants also respond well to BodyTalk. Angelika is a certified Advanced PaRama BodyTalker. She is a member of the International Bodytalk Association and the NZBA. Remote and surrogate sessions are also available so don’t wait, arrange for your session today. To make an appointment please call Angelique Healing on +64 9 578 10 35 or click here to send an email. To read what others have to say about BodyTalk sessions with Angelique Healing, please click here.