Color therapy can help with:
  • Convalescence after illness
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Stress release and overwhelm
  • Learning and concentration problems
  • Physical aches and pain
  • Digestive challenges and detoxification
  • Hormonal imbalances
Kirlian Photography and Energy Emission Analysis Kirlian photography captures the energy emitted by the meridians of the fingers and toes on photographic paper. With the help of Energy Emission Analysis developed by Peter Mandel it is possible to read the photo and understand the status of health and wellbeing. An assessment can disclose information about:
  • Organ functions
  • Stress symptoms like lymphatic blockage and adrenal overrun
  • Endocrine functioning and hormonal imbalances
  • Possible childhood trauma and emotional impact
  • Sleep patterns
  • Spinal discomforts and pain
  • Hyperacidity and detoxification of the liver
Angelique Healing is the only place in New Zealand where this non-invasive and very informative diagnosis is offered. Contact me today and ask when the next special Kirlian week is on offer to get your photo taken and analysed. To make an appointment please call Angelique Healing on +64 9 578 10 35 or click here to send an email. Angelika is the only certified Colourpuncture Therapist and Energy Emission Analyst in New Zealand. She is an appointed trainer of the Mandel Institute and Esogetics in Germany. Angelika is giving regular public talks about the influence of colour on health and wellbeing on a regular basis, and holds trainings for professional therapists and anybody interested enhancing health with colour. If you are interested in learning more about Colourpuncture and Esogetic Medicine please contact me to request the latest flyer for the professional training. For more information please visit: