Crystal Therapy

Crystals and gemstones have been eagerly sought after for thousands of years as items of beauty and items of power. There are many different ways to use crystals and stones to enhance and balance daily life, as they provide us with special healing energy and spiritual transmission. A meditative balancing process with a crystal chakra grid will leave you rejuvenated and at peace. Are you intrigued by the idea to relax into a wonderful calmness while crystals and gemstone are being placed on your body? To make an appointment please call Angelique Healing on +64 9 578 10 35 or click here to send an email. Esogetic Crystal Therapy Pure therapeutic crystals which are precisely cut and enriched with the ancient Earth hologram open the way to a totally new path of treatment options. Thanks to very complicated procedures developed by Peter Mandel and Esogetics, and produced in cooperation with Swarovski, crystal therapy can be applied to all three levels – spirit, mind/soul and body. Manifold approaches are possible through different therapeutic media: the Crystal Activator, the colourful four element crystals, the silver and gold crystals, tiny crystal tattoos combined with the Crystal Meditation Band – all of these give a whole new dimension of crystal therapy with astonishing effects and unparalleled results. Book a personalized Esogetic crystal therapy session today and experience the wonderful effects Angelika is an appointed trainer for the Mandel Institute and Esogetics. If you are interested in learning more about this new way to support healing and well-being please contact me. For more information visit