Do you have pain? Are you feeling sluggish? Is your energy low? A special tailored massage is designed to relax, relieve and rejuvenate the body and mind. The benefits experienced after a massage might be:
  • Tension relief
  • Elimination of pain and stiffness
  • Decreased muscle spasms and aches
  • Faster recovery after injuries
  • Restored flexibility
  • Lower stress levels
  • Enhanced energy
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Better sleep
  • Improved lymph flow and circulation
  • Enhanced muscle tone
  • Increased joint mobility
Types of Massage Available Aromatherapy Massage Enhance the quality of your massage with a personal selection of pure therapeutic essential oils specifically blended with enriching vegetable oils to suit your needs. The active compounds in the essential oils work on different levels of body, mind and spirit and fragrantly enrich your massage experience. Relaxing Swedish Massage Long relaxing strokes improve muscle tone, relieve spasms and release tension. This most popular massage is most relaxing and wonderfully soothing. Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Aching joints and tired muscles get full pain relief with this stronger massage that works deeply into the muscle tissue, releasing trigger points and enhancing Qi flow by acupuncture point stimulation. Additional stretching improves muscle tone and relieves aches. Lymphatic Drainage Gentle strokes enhances lymph flow, the waste elimination system of our body. This enhanced lymph flow supports the immune system, helps detoxification, reduces water retention and improves elimination through the skin. Head & Neck Massage Clearing the head and releasing neck tension with this wonderful massage that works on meridian points of the skull of the head and along the spine of the neck. This massage is particularly helpful when feeling tired or drained, when headache or migraine strikes, or when neck muscles are stiff and painful. Hot Stone Massage This luxurious treatment combines warm basalt stones with massage techniques giving the body the ultimate relaxation. Blood flow will be increased dramatically to release tension, to flush the system, to relieve pain and stiffness. Manuka Honey Detox Massage The skin and body will feel wonderfully smooth after this most pampering Manuka Honey Detox Massage. Get yourself wrapped in sweetness while muscles relax to detoxifying strokes and your immune system experiences full support through the active Manuka ingredients. This typical Kiwi experience will give full rejuvenation after a refreshing and reviving shower. To read what others have to say about Massage sessions with Angelique Healing, please click here. To make an appointment please call Angelique Healing on +64 9 578 10 35 or click here to send an email.