Testimonials Aromatherapy

“When I have an appointment for an Aromatherapy Massage with Angelika I consider it a perfect day. She awaits with warm smile in a quiet atmosphere. Sometimes it is hard for me to choose from all those wonderful essences that will be mixed into a soothing massage oil blend. Afterwards  I am wrapped in warm towels and my journey into bliss begins. Angelika is able to help my body relax fully yet she find those sweet spots that need more work. I always leave calm and relaxed yet invigorated. And even my husband commented that I seem calmer and more balanced since I have been seeing Angelika regularly.”

- Daniela P. Hong Kong

“Angelika prepared a blend of essentials oils for my eczema which I am using daily under the shower. I find that my skin is much smoother and the rough itchy patches are moistly gone. I thank her for this convenient solution to my problem, that would have made me take cortisone cream otherwise. And the best of it is that is smells great.”  

- H.K. Berlin/Germany

Testimonials BodyTalk

“A friend of mine recommended Angelika to me because I was going through a really bad time in my life with depression and anxiety.

In the beginning I had 2 sessions of BodyTalk. After the first session I felt lighter, not sad at all and I even got my sense of smell back, which I lost a few years ago. After the second session I was already a different person, I could think clear, smile and be optimistic again. I even went home singing!

Angelika is a genuine, kind, gentle and warm person who makes sure she does all her best to help her patients. I highly recommend her for BodyTalk and other holistic treatments. Many of my friends are already seeing Angelika and they are very happy with the outcome and the difference it has made in their lives.”

- M.M. Auckland

“I was diagnosed with pancreatitis one year ago and since then I was suffering of terrible headaches just before my period.

I never liked going to doctors or taking medicines so this diagnosis came out by chance since a mild pain in the side was bothering me and I was literally pushed to have a check up.

I got scared, really scared when they told me what it was and from that moment on even the smallest pain worried me.

When I heard that you were coming to Shanghai I though it would be interesting seeing you. I am very curious about every kind of alternative medicine and BodyTalk sounded intriguing. I was fascinated how you were working. How could you “hear” what was going on inside me? And for sure I was not expecting the result I had! After our one session my period passed without any headaches. The second period passed and, again, no headache!! If you never had a strong headache as I had for years you don’t understand what it means to live without it.

You also said that my pancreas was fine now; I had a check up (as I have regularly every 6 months) and as you anticipate, everything was fine! I think I’ll never thank you enough.”

- A.B. Shanghai/China

“My water retention is much better. And I haven’t had any back pain or acidity problem since I saw you last. I am drinking more water and I am pleased with myself for doing that.”

- J.H. Auckland

Testimonials Colourpuncture

“I’m feeling good and there’s is definitely a difference, since I started the sessions with you. I find it really interesting and helpful what you told me about my body. I’ll try harder to think more about myself and what my needs are. Thank you so much for the session.”

- S.G. Auckland

“Thank you so much for your session. I have woken up two mornings in a row with the sacrum/hip pain all but gone!!! And i enjoy doing yoga again. Isn’t that great…and some of the little crystals in my ear are still in place :)”

- F.M. Auckland

“I was very impressed with your total professional yet friendly attitude when I visited you recently and was curious to find out more about the work you did.

I was suffering from quite severe pain in my joints with fluid build up in my legs and a few other minor problems and your total holistic approach impressed me. You lovely friendly attitued soon put me at ease and my curiosity increased when you suggested an Energy Emission Analysis (EEA).

You explained that the analysis permits a quick and comprehensive look at the overall situation and gives the possibility to make more accurate decisions on treatment.

Being slightly skeptical I agreed to this analysis but I was totally blown away by the detailed explanation that followed (which was also emailed to me later) as well as recommendations for treatment. It gave me several options for treatment and together we decided on the coloured crystal light therapy. This was a truly amazing experience and one which I recommend highly. The crystal light therapy was applied to certain areas of my head and body and the benefits I received were quite amazing after that one treatment. On top of that I found that the whole session was a completely calming and enlightening experience.

Thank you so much for your gentle and loving approach and I am more than happy to recommend you to all my friends and family.”

- Erica S. Auckland

“I had an annoying twitch underneath my right eye, which was bothering me for quite some time. After one session of treating points on my face with coloured light, placing crystals on my body and sticking little crystals in and around my ears, I feel perfectly fine again.”

- I.P. Berlin/Germany

Testimonials Massage

“I had the best night sleep last night in 7 months. Truly bliss. You are the only massage therapist that has such a relaxed profound effect on me. I feel amazing for 2-3 days after seeing you. You are a very calm lady and you have such healing hands.”

- Emma. Auckland

Testimonials Reiki

“Thank you so much for the Reiki session – it was absolutely lovely to meet you and I loved the session. I definitely feel great, calmer with more energy. I had a cold during that week but I got over it very, very quickly. I am delighted.”

-D.K.W. Auckland

“At the end of a busy week I love treating myself to a Reiki session. I never feel this wonderful after any other treatment, calm yet energetic, relaxed yet invigorated, unwound yet motivated, and best of all – enlightened. Thank you for that, Angelika.”

- S.M. Auckland

“At the end of a busy week I love treating myself to a Reiki session. I never feel this wonderful after any other treatment, calm yet energetic, relaxed yet invigorated, unwound yet motivated, and best of all – enlightened. Thank you for that, Angelika.”

- S.M. Auckland

Testimonials Psych-K

“I wanted to thank you again for surrogating for my sister last Friday with the balances. It was lovely to work with you.

I spoke to my sister this morning, the family event went very well; and she found solutions to things and she did not have any headaches !!!

In fact she had not had any headaches since I had spoken to her a week ago.”

- L.B. Auckland

“When I saw Angelika I was going through a very stressful time – various financial, health and relationship issues that I was feeling very negative about. When I booked my appointment I was simply going to get some treatment for tension in my shoulders as I was kind of in denial about how stressed I really was. Angelika asked the right questions and in the right way that allowed me to open up to her about what was really going on, so the session took a turn from simply releasing physical tension to releasing all the emotional stuff that was underlying it. I left feeling lighter and more positive than I had for quite some time. As the session involved exploring my belief patterns and how they contribute to how I manage stress, the effect of the session is ongoing.”

- Diane D. Auckland