Essential Aromatic Practice

Essential Aromatic Therapy utilizes high quality, pure plant essences, known as essential oils, to enhance mind, mood, spiritual connection, cognitive and physical function…


BodyTalk is an effective holistic health care system that allows the body’s energy systems to synchronize, communicate and balance as intended by nature. 


Colourpuncture uses gentle non-invasive coloured light frequencies to assist removal of blockages, release of physical and emotional trauma.

Crystal Therapy

This technique involves crystals and gemstones as conduit for healing energy. Crystals and gemstones channel positive energy into the body to balance and protect against diseases while removing negative energy.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is an ancient natural therapy that uses a hollow waxed cloth candle to create a chimney effect on the ear. This process is painless, harmless and totally relaxing with a soothing effect on the ear and head.


At Angelique Healing a wide variety of massage techniques are used to enhance health and well-being. Massage uses the healing properties of touch which enhances the flow of blood and lymph, relieves tensions, stimulates nerves, and stretches and loosens muscles, tendons and connective tissue.


Are you keen to change your life? PSYCH-K is designed to re-program limiting not supporting beliefs which prevent change from happening and stand in the way of the life you desire.


Reiki is an ancient healing technique that uses Universal energy subtly and effective to enhance and strengthen energy and Chi (life force) of body, mind and spirit. Through touch and laying of hands, the healing energy will flow and balance any interruptions and blockages.