“At Angelique Healing we are dedicated to enhancing your health and well-being in a safe, empathetic and peaceful environment.”

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Imagine you have a partner of unlimited support for all areas of your life, health and well-being. After receiving your personally tailored session you will be feeling relaxed, unstressed and relieved. Your healing journey will be assisted with holistic and natural healing techniques, respectful and caring counselling, nurturing and spiritual guidance.

At Angelique Healing you will benefit from overcoming limitations, problems, and setbacks by addressing underlying causes instead of just treating symptoms. By partnering with us you can establish a vibrant healthy life, fully balanced well-being and a positive attitude.   Our mission is your vision: YOUR HEALTHIEST YOU



Aromatherapy utilizes high quality, pure plant essences, known as essential oils to enhance mind, mood, cognitive function and health. Click below to find out about the benefits you can expect to experience after using aromatic essential oils.

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BodyTalk is an energy treatment that uses unique body feedback through muscle testing to find blockages in the body which compromise the inborn healing ability of the body and eventually lead to distorted wellbeing, illness and disease.

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Find out about all of Angelique Healing’s latest events and trainings including Reiki, Colourpuncture and Aromatherapy, Colour Healing and more.


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Need Some Help To Align Your Life and Wellbeing?

Book a session with me today to discuss your needs and wants. Together, we’ll work to overcome any limitations, problems and setbacks in your health, life and wellbeing by addressing underlying causes, not just the symptoms.

“At Angelique Healing, every session is specifically tailored to fit your health needs and wants. Instead of just treating symptoms, we address the underlying causes to help you establish a vibrant healthy life.”